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Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

On agricultural sites there are dangers such as exposure to harsh environments such as water, severe temperature changes, contaminants and chemicals.

 We have the skills and expertise to give our agricultural electrical clients excellent results and an agricultural electrical installation which will endure under all conditions, in good repair.

When it comes to agricultural electrical projects we put animal welfare, safety and cleanliness at the top of our priorities. These points are of extreme importance because agricultural electrical installations can often be located in hostile or confined environments.

 Below we have listed some of our most popular agricultural electrical projects in Spalding, Peterborough and Lincolnshire. These are the agricultural electrical projects we most often called for;

  • Internal and External Building Lighting
  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports (also known as PIR or Periodic Inspection Reports)
  • Security Lighting
  • Full Property Rewiring
  • 3 Phase Circuits and Distribution Systems
  • Cable Tray, Trunking and Conduit Installations
  • Industrial Socket Installations

Here at CEB Electrical we as electricians understand that although work is completed in harsh environments, attention to detail is something we will never compromise on. All of our equipment has been designed and installed to suit their purpose so our clients can be sure that when they choose CEB Electrical for their agricultural electrical projects they’re in safe hands.

If you have any questions, to find out more or to request a quote, please contact us.