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Fault Finding

Fault Finding Services

Here at CEB Electrical we understand how frustrating it can be to have a faulty electrical circuit. We also understand how potentially dangerous it can be to have faults on an electrical circuit.

Finding the fault and rectifying it can be a laborious process as it could be as minor as a faulty appliance or RCD but it could also be vermin damaged cables in a loft or maybe you have just put a picture up and you have hit a cable in the wall. However small or large we can identify and rectify it.

There is a generally recognised method of approaching fault-finding , which is referred to as the 5-Point Fault Finding approach... the most important factor in this method concerns attaining as much 'information' as possible regarding the 'cause & effect' of the fault, as follows...

  1. Gather Information - Ask as many people as possible who where there,  when & how the fault occurred
  2. Analise Information - Decide the probable cause based on past experience & training
  3. Investigate - Now attempt to find the fault from your analysis
  4. Rectify - Once found, safely repair the fault
  5. Test - When the fault is put right & restored, test your work before re-energising

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